We have two educational opportunities for preschool and kindergarten age children.

First Opportunity

The first is our SHOW & TELL VISIT to your school. One or more of our staff members will come to your school for a presentation on dental health and nutrition. This “show & tell” talk and demonstration actively involves the children in a fun, imaginative and interactive way. We bring a fun storybook, visual aids and an exciting “flossing” game to help children learn that good dental hygiene can be fun. Each child will receive a prize to take home. To book a “Show & Tell” presentation for your school, please contact our Office Manager Dusti Farr, during regular office hours.

Second Opportunity

The second educational opportunity is for your school to visit our office for a SCHOOL TOUR.  Our school tours for preschool and kindergarten children provide a fun and enjoyable way to explore our dental office, become familiar with the dental environment, and learn interesting dental nutritional and preventive information.

The tour usually begins with an introduction to dental care and various educational topics are discussed which are applicable to the age group present.

A member of our staff utilizes visual aids, like puppets and models to make the educational experience come alive.

The tour experience includes a walk through the X-Ray room, which alleviates apprehension for their first dental X-Rays. Children learn the steps of a dental cleaning, and try out the “water gun” and suction. Children enjoy our hands on approach to touring the dental examination rooms.  This gives them a chance to take a ride in the chair and view how the equipment works.

In addition to the teachers and their aids, our office welcomes parents to accompany their children on the tours.  There is an opportunity for parents and children to meet our Doctor and to ask questions. Each child will receive a prize to take home.

To book a school tour, please contact our Office Manager, Dusti Farr, during regular business hours.